Fresh ginger can be found in the produce section of most grocery stores. But aside from using it to spice up your simple meal of the day, Ginger has also proven its powers on other things including some from this out-of-world list that Ginger Shots has prepared.

From Ginger Shots, here are some common uses of ginger:

For Cocktails

The spice is greatly used in making cocktails with or without alcohol. One of the most famous examples is that of Shirley Temple, a cocktail that was invented in Hawaii to honor the female actor in the 1930s. The main ingredient of the Shirley Temple is Ginger Ale, a soft ginger drink.

For Perfumes

Ginger’s aroma comes from the essential oils in its rhizome or root; gingerol, zingerone and shogaoli, and oleoresin, an essential oil used in perfumes and the reason for ginger’s pungent taste.

Homemade Beauty Recipe

One of ginger’s most notable qualities is its invigorating, fresh, and spicy feeling. Add it with a bit of lemon zest in a sugar scrub, and you have a body scrub that will warm you up and wake you up at the same time.

As an Aphrodisiac

Through many centuries and throughout civilizations, ginger and its pungent taste were considered to be aphrodisiac. It heats your insides, stimulates circulation while its intense scent wakens olfactory glands.

As a Food Preservative

Ginger itself has antimicrobial properties. It has been proven to kill salmonella and a common parasite called Anisakis, making ginger a useful food preservative.